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Training for Users of ICT

An ICT user requires the knowledge and skills of those who use ICT systems. For example, this would include using word processing, emailing or using the internet.


According to Age Concern (2007) "once older people begin to use new technology for leisure‚ most want to carry on learning.  However‚ they face barriers to keeping up their new skills as many communities lack appropriate training facilities and older people are the least likely to own their own computer".

Ways to train ICT users

Face to face training course /one on one /one to many / group training sessions

How to talk to them

Home-based training


Instruction booklets

Manufacturers of ICT systems should provide access to information and documentation including user guides, installation guides and product support communications. These should be provided in alternative formats so that they can be accessed by everyone.

Online classes

Online classes customised for people with disabilities or the ageing population introduce the power of the Internet by engaging them in online computer classes. This allows the trainer to demonstrate Internet and computer technology simultaneously.

Computer DVD instructional courses

The ageing population and people with disabilities who have access to a television might appreciate learning about their ICT system with a method they are familiar with. Numerous DVD courses teach all aspects of ICT, specifically computer related technologies.

After training

Training "after care"

Telephone helpline

Call centre type thing


Written instructions



Further information


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