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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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  • Zimbabwe


Council for the Blind
Street address: 15th Avenue, Fife Street, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Postal address: PO Box 506, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Contact person: Mr Apolos Nyathi, Director
Tel: +263 9 64940; +263 9 69081
Fax: +263 9 79974; +263 9 79971
Activities: Council for the Blind is a charitable organisation in Zimbabwe whose main aim is to provide services to the blind and visually impaired persons including the following: Prevention of blindness / restoration of sight; Educating the blind and visually impaired; Rehabilitation of the blind and visually impaired; Provision of visual devices; Production and supply of eye drops and spectacles.

Dorothy Duncan Centre for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
Residence and Hospital: 4 Cecil Road, Amby, Greendale, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Rehabilitation Centre, Production Units, Library: 119 Fife Avenue, PO Box CY 1551 Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Postal address: PO Box CY1551, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe
Contact person: Sr Catherine Jackson
Tel: +263 4 495 116; +263 4 496 667; +263 4 251 116; +263 4 251 117
Fax: +263 4 251117
Activities: The Centre provides accommodation and hospital facilities for the blind and physically handicapped. Rehabilitation and counselling is available for any person with sight problems, with instruction in orientation and mobility, daily living skills, Braille, typing, telephony and computer software using voice output programs. Print material is available in the libraries in any format required, and is sent on a library loan basis to all schools and private individuals requiring study materials. Production of the Braille and audio books is done on the premises on request. Various forms of alternative technology owned by the Dorothy Duncan are taught and used by individuals requiring them. The Dorothy Duncan Centre is in constant contact with international organisations, their staff attending and presenting papers at conferences from time to time around the world, with a view to cooperating with them to the benefit of the blind.

Jairos Jiri Association for Rehabilitation of the Disabled and Blind
Street address: 4th Floor, Southampton House, Corner Main Street/9th Avenue, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Postal address: POX 1529, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Tel: +263 9 74331
Fax: +263 9 74333
Activities: The association was set up to assist, treat and rehabilitate persons with physical, visual or hearing impairments; to establish clinics, schools, centres, and other institutions for the education and welfare of the handicapped; to liaise with the government of Zimbabwe, local and international agencies for the benefit of the handicapped.

Margaretha Hugo School and Workshops for the Blind
Copota Mission, Post Bag 9038, Masvingo, Zimbabwe.
Tel: +263 39 2117 13
Activities: Primary and secondary schools for blind young people. Agriculture and Economics are taught in the secondary school. Workshops where cane furniture, blackboard chalk, sisal mats and fencing are made by blind workers. Sheltered accommodation for destitute elderly blind people. Braille press where school books are produced.

National Society for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (King George VI Rehabilitation Centre)
PO Box 144, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Tel: +263 39 60434
Activities: Rehabilitation/disability services, physiotherapy, counselling, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

Zimbabwe Association of the Visually Handicapped (ZAVH)
3rd Floor Electricity House, Robert Mugabe Street, Private Bag 9215, Masvingo, Zimbabwe.
Contact person: Rosewetter Mudarikwa
Tel: +263 39 63931
Fax: +263 39 64484
Activities: Zimbabwe Association of the Visually Handicapped's main activities are: To be voice of all blind people in Zimbabwe by lobbying and raising awareness on all issues concerning visually impaired and educating the society on the usefulness and potentialness of people with visual impairments; To work towards the advancement and well being of the visually impaired by facilitating equalisation of opportunities and full participation in society; To solicit the award of series of scholarships that cover the educational costs of the visually handicapped children from kindergarten level to the post graduate university level; To discourage begging by members of the public areas, streets and other dehumanising areas by initiating income generating activities in which persons with visual impairments will be involved and hence be able to earn a living in a more acceptable and dignified manner; To promote and encourage all public amenities and system planners to incorporate facilities that are accessible and beneficial to visually impaired people; To facilitate training in skills that could help members of either be formally employed to engage in self-help projects.

Zimbabwe National League of the Blind
Stand No 16489, Brickfield Road, Cnr Hookthorn Avenue, Thorngrove, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
Contact person: Ishmael Zhou
Tel: +263 9 60235
Fax: +263 9 881549
Activities: Self help projects, & welfare.


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