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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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A comprehensive list of agencies, charities and organisations that support blind and partially sighted people, with contact details and information about services and activities.



Bung Sang Institution for the Blind
266/5 Hguyen Tri Phuong, Ward 4, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Tel: +84 91 36 28626
Fax: +84 8 383 46585


Helen Keller International Vietnam
48b Tang Bat Ho Street, Room 220, Toan Minh Apartment, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Contact person: Dr. Evelyn Ambrosio, Country Director
Tel: +84 3971 2562
Fax: +84 3971 2562
Activities: Partnering with the Vietnam National Institute for Ophthalmology to develop training centres for cataract surgery.


Nguyen Dinh Chieu School for the Blind
461 Ton Duc Thang Street, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang City, Vietnam.
Tel: +84 51 3184 2565; +84 51 3151 5033
Fax: +84 51 3184 2565
Activities: Education centre and related research. Supports other institutions in Southern Vietnam.


Nhat Hong Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired
So 1, Duong 7, Phuong Tam Binh, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Contact: Sr. Van Nga Le, Director
Tel: +84 8 3279 4328

Activities: The Vision Impairment Service of the Thu Duc Congregation of Lovers of the Holy Cross is serving more than 200 children and youth with vision impairment in Saigon and provinces, belongs to Nhat Hong Center and 7 sub-centers.


Sao Mai Computer Center for the Blind (SMCC)
12B/C7 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Tel: +84 3849 5069
Fax: +84 3293 8300
Activities: Provides computer education and services for the blind in Vietnam.


Vien Chien luoc va Chuong trinh Giao duc
(National Institute of Education Strategy and Curriculum (NIESAC))

101 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Contact person: Dr. Nguyen Duc Minh, Vice Director of Center
Tel: +84 4 3942 4970
Fax: +84 4 3572 3521
Activities: Center for Education of Exceptional Children (CEEC) belonging to NIESAC was established 26 years ago and accomplishes the following tasks: Research on disabled children's psychology; Research on content, method and means of teaching of disabled children and partially sighted children in particular; Set up theory and model of education for disabled and partially sighted children in Vietnam; Transference of knowledge of the care and education for disabled and partially sighted children in Vietnam through training activities for teachers working on special and inclusive education of disabled children. Consultants for Ministry of Education and Training and relevant organizations for the care and education for disabled children.


Vietnam Blind Association (VBA)
139B Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Contact person: Dao Soat
Tel: +84 4 38 45 20 60 or +84 4 384 89 226
Fax: +84 4 38 45 25 37
Activities: Aims to gather blind persons nationwide to help them in spiritual and material life, integrate into the society, train jobs for the blind. Produces books and materials for blind people.


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