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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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  • Oman


Al-Noor Association for the Blind
PO Box 60, Minal Fahal 116, Oman.
Contact person: Mr Ibrahim Al-Harithi
Tel: +968 244 81551
Fax: +968 244 82664
Activities: Al Noor Association for Blind serve the interest of the Blind in social, economic, welfare, education, health, training, placement and teaching of Braill.  Prepare and implement plans and programs that aims to improve the living standards of the blind in the Sultanate of Oman. Al Noor Association for Blind represents interests of the blind in the country; provide support services in areas of development and social and vocational hence enabling members to live normal life in the community.   In cooperation with the responsible authorities explores employment opportunities for the blind according to their visual condition. Prepare a strategy in coordination with the public and private sectors covering the whole country.  Facilitates communication between the blind on regional and international level.  Organizes training courses in areas of culture, science, educational, sports and economy. Provides assistance to educational institutions engaged in educating/training the blind and supports effort leading to improved living standard for the blind.  Encourages research in the areas relating to blindness. Sets up information center for the benefit of the blinds.  Encourage voluntary work for the benefit of the blind.  Publish material in normal, audio and in Braille in matters of the blind.



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