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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Arla Institute
Puustellinmäki 4-6, Espoo, SF-02600, Finland.
Contact person: Joini Onnela, Principal
Tel: +358 9 511 081
Fax: +258 9 511 08300
Activities: Government owned vocational training and development centre offering vocational rehabilitation and training courses for visually impaired and deafblind people. Training courses for professional developments eg computer packages. Holiday accommodation.


Celia - Kirjasto / Celia - Biblioteket
(Celia Library)
PO Box 20, FL-00030, Iiris, Finland.
Contact person: Marketta Ryoma, Director
Tel: +358 9 2295 2200
Fax: +358 9 2295 2295
Activities: Library service and textbook services. Talking books, braille books, electronic books and tactile books are stocked.


Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired
Marjaniementie 74, FIN 00030, Iiris, Finland.
Contact person: Timo Kuoppala
Tel: +358 9 396 041
Fax: +358 9 396 4625
Activities: The aim of the Federation is to secure the blind and visually impaired an equal status with other Finnish citizens. To achieve this the Federation seeks to improve the capabilities and skills of the visually impaired, while also trying to influence the society at large. Activities includes: providing specialist rehabilitation for children to seniors; providing consulting regarding employment; providing IT training and guidance, import, sales and lending of technical aids and production of braille, large-print and audio materials as well as the transmission of newspapers, magazines and other publications by means of information technology; providing guide dog training; creating opportunities for shared leisure activities and maintaining a strong network of international contacts by projects and development cooperation.


Finnish Guide Dog School
Siltaniitynkuja 1, FIN-01260, Vantaa, Finland.
Tel: +358 9 2706 771
Fax: +358 9 876 8299
Activities: The main aim is to raise, train and provide guide dogs for blind and qualified visually impaired people. Guide Dog School works under Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired (Näkövammaisten Keskusliitto ry.) and is a member of The International Federation of Guide Dog Schools for the Blind.


Förbundet Finlands Svenska Synskadade Rf
(Federation of Swedish Speaking Visually Impaired in Finland)
Parisgranden 2 A 1, 00560 Helsingfors, Finland.
Tel: +358 9 69 62 300
Activities: Organisation offering services for visually impaired Swedish speaking Finns, including rehabilitation. Seven local societies offering leisure activities, information and social contact.


Jyväskylä Näkövammaisten Koulu (JNK)
(Jyväskylä School for the Visually Impaired)
PO Box 319, Kukkumäentie 27, Jyväskylä, 40101, Finland.
Tel: +358 14 3343 100
Fax: +358 14 3343 140
Activities: The school is a state-subsidised national resource centre for learning and development having also a special school unit. We serve children with blindness, low vision and MDVI from pre-school education up to the end of secondary education.


Retinitis-Yhdistys RY
(Finnish Retinitis Society)

PL 51, 00030 IIRIS, Finland
Tel: +358 9 3960 5800
Fax: +358 9 3960 4345
Activities: The Finnish RP Society strives to act as a link between people all over Finland with RP. To give information on inherited eye diseases and to support people with RP to cope with their visual handicap. To increase public awareness of RP and to protect the interests of RP patients in social legislation and in cooperation with other handicap organisations. To support research into the cure of RP.


Suomen Kuurosokeat Ry
(Finnish Deafblind Association)
PO Box 40, FIN - 00030, Iiris, Finland.
Contact person: Tuija Wetterstrand
Tel: +358 40 7780299
Fax: +358 40 6047477
Activities: Regional rehabilitation centres. Promotes and defends the fundamental and social rights of the deafblind and people with severe visual and hearing impairments. Throughout the organisation there is a strong commitment to improving the position of the deafblind in all spheres of social life. Services are produced at both the local and national level. All services are designed with a view to the special needs of the deafblind with respect to communication, mobility and access to information. Organisational activities include: looking after the interests of deafblind people in society; observing the development and implementation of legislation; informing co-operating partners, other organisations and the public about deafblindness; education co-operation with other organisations; publishing information; local clubs for recreational activities; education for organisations; camps and other recreational activities; peer activities and voluntary work.


Svenska Skolan för Synskadade
(Swedish School for the Visually Impaired)

Parisgranden 2 A 2, 00560, Helsingfors, Finland.
Contact person: Maj-Len Heikel, Principal
Tel: +358 40 809 1755
Activities: A state-run school and resource centre serving the Swedish speaking minority in Finland. We serve students, school staff and parents to children with blindness, low vision, CVI and MDVI from pre-school education to secondary education.


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