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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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  • Denmark
  • Dominica, Leeward Islands
  • Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Asociacion Dominicana de Sordociegos (ADSOC)

Dominican Republic.
Contact person: Mr. Edgar Reyes, President
Activities: Offers courses for non-professional interpreters. Maintains a registry of blind and partially sighted people in Dominican Republic. Disseminates information about blindness.

Escuela Nacional de Ciegos
(National School for the Blind)

Calle Luis Braille, AP 99-2, 1. Zona 1, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Tel: +1 809 533 1210
Activities: Educational services for blind and aprtially sighted children and young adults.

Fundación Dominicana de Ciegos (FUDCI)
Av. Expreso V. Centenario esq. Tunti Cáceres, Edif. 11, 4 Piso, Villa Juana, Apartados postales B-129, Lop. 437-2, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Contact person: Lino Rafael Delgado
Tel: +1 809 536 7889
Fax: +1 809 684 6253
Activities: FUDCI offers services to people with visual disabilities. The main objectives are: To integrate blind and visually impaired people into everyday life. To provide rehabilition and vocational training. To develop and implement better educational and cultural levels, facilitating access to ICT and specialized products such as audio books and reading and writing Braille. To strengthen and to implement different projects and programs in conjunction with national and international organisations.

Organización Dominicana de Ciegos, Inc. (ODC)
Calle 30 de marzo No. 65, Apt 22424, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Contact person: Fefa Garcia Cuevas
Tel: +1 809 682 5558
Fax: +1 809-682 9927
Activities: Offers taught programmes for education and qualification.


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