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Agencies Serving Blind & Partially Sighted People

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  • Denmark
  • Dominica, Leeward Islands
  • Dominican Republic


Blindes Arbejde
(Workshop for the Blind)
Tomsgårdsvej 17-19, 3. sal, Copenhagen NV, 2400, Denmark.
Contact person: Kristin Espedal, Director
Tel: +45 38 34 33 88
Fax: +45 38 19 42 33

Blindecenter Bredegaard
(Institution for the Blind)
Lindelyvej 5, 3480 Fredensborg, Denmark.
Tel: +45 48 48 00 79
Fax: +45 48 48 44 11

(Danish Center for Congenitally Deafblind People)
Sohngaardsholmsvej 59, PO Box 142, 9000, Aalborg, Denmark.
Contact person: Brian Dunnigan
Tel: +45 99 31 89 00
Fax: +45 98 14 73 44
Activities: The Centre’s nation-wide service includes a residential centre for children, kindergarten, youth centre, residences for adults, schooling, activities centre, counselling, specialised advice and courses.

Dansk Blindesamfund
(Danish Association of the Blind)

Blekinge Boulevard 2, 2630 Taastrup, Denmark.
Contact person: Thorkild Olesen
Tel: +45 38 14 88 44
Fax: +45 38 14 88 00
Activities: The Danish Association of the Blind (DAB) is an all-blind organization. It is formed and run by people who suffer from blindness or severe visual impairment. It is instrumental in communicating to politicians and authorities matters concerning questions that affect our situation. It undertakes two main functions: the organization makes its voice heard in all matters that affect the situation of the blind and visually impaired by exercising influence towards the political decision makers; furthermore we provide a vast number of services for our many members.

Foreningen af Danske DøvBlinde - syns- og hørehæmmede
(Danish Association of the Deafblind)

Kløverprisvej 10B, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark.
Tel: +45 36 75 20 96
Fax: +45 36 38 85 85
Activities: The Danish Association of the Deafblind works for the improvement of life conditions and individual dignity for deafblind in Denmark. One of the primary goals of the organisation is to help break the isolation that is particularly common among deafblind people.

Instituttet for Blinde og Svagsynede (IBS)
(Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted in Denmark)

Rymarksvej 1, DK - 2900 Hellerup, Denmark.
Tel: +45 39 45 25 45
Fax: +45 39 45 25 25
Activities: The Institute for the Blind and Partially Sighted in Denmark is a national institution. The purpose of the institute is, through counselling and education, to facilitate the greatest possible compensation for the effects of visual impairment. The issues around the individuals are always dealt with in close co-operation with the local authorities (country and council). The Institute has about 200 staff members, divided into 30 groups of professionals. The Institute organises its daily routines and activities across several departments: advice and counselling; career resource centre; education of instructors (mobility and ADL officers); educational department; emergency service; museum of the history of the blind; products sales division; residential department; short courses; vocational training and business school.

Kristeligt Arbejde blandt Blinde (KAbB)
(Christian Library for the Blind)

Jernbanegade 19a, Fredericia, 7000, Denmark.
Tel: +45 75 91 02 55

Nationalbibliotek for Mennesker med Læsevanskeligheder
(The Danish National Library for Persons with Print Disabilities)

Teglvaerksgade 37, DK 2100, København Ø, Denmark.
Contact person: Hanne Hjelmgaard
Tel: +45 1 39 13 46 00
Fax: +45 1 39 13 46 01
Activities: Nota is a state-run institution under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Culture. It serves as the national central library for persons with a print disability, the partially sighted and other people with abilities that restrict them from reading normal printed text. Nota's vision is to provide full information equality for its users and provide the disabled with the same access to information as other citizens. Nota commissions and produces materials in audio, in braille and as computer files. This part of Nota's activities is based of the Copyright Act. Nota's stock of material is made available to those who fulfil the conditions for registration as Nota users. Nota is also a resource centre, providing advice to the rest of the library service in questions concerning the disabled.

Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues
Slotsgade 8, DK-9330 Dronninglund, Denmark.
Contact person: Henriette Hermann Olesen
Tel: +45 96 47 16 00
Fax: +45 96 47 16 16
Activities: Training courses and conferences for staff working with deafblind. Library services, information services and production of materials for use in staff development.

Synscenter Refsnæs
Kystvejen 112 A, DK-4400 Kalundborg, Denmark.
Contact person: Dan Spanggaard, Principal
Tel. +45 59 57 01 00
Fax +45 59 57 01 01
Activities: Offers a boarding house, schooling and educational courses.

Videnscenter for Døvblindfødte
(Danish Resource Centre for Congenital Deafblindness)

Sohngaardsholmsvej 61, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark.
Contact person: Inger Rodbroe, Centre Leader
Tel: +45 98 15 53 13
Fax: +45 98 15 53 23
Activities: The Danish Resource Centre on congenital deafblindness is a service for all that require information regarding congenitally deafblindness. It is the tasks of the resource centre to secure the highest possible level of knowledge about congenitally deafblind people; to ensure that parents, local and regional authorities, institutions and educational programs receive the best possible knowledge about congenitally deafblind people; To establish and develop a network, where parents, professionals and the resource centre co-operate actively together; to generate and disseminate new knowledge, e.g. in areas of staff training and development; to develop technology-supported means and forms of communication.

Videnscentret For Døvblindblevne
(Information Centre for Acquired Deafblindness)

Generatorvej 2A, DK-2730 Herlev, Denmark.
Tel: +45 44 39 11 75
Fax: +45 44 39 11 79
Activities: The general aim of the Information Center for Acquired Deafblindness is to collect, adapt and develop the latest research findings on acquired deafblindness. More specifically, the Center aims at utilizing this knowledge base to help maintain the highest standards in local authority schemes to assist people who have suffered a serious impairment to their sight and hearing.

Videncenter for Synshandicap (VIIC)
(Visual Impairment Knowledge Centre)
Rymarksvej 1, Hellerup, 2900, Denmark.
Contact person: Bendt Nygaard Jensen
Tel: +45 39 46 01 01
Fax: +45 39 61 94 14
Activities: The Visual Impairment Knowledge centre collects, processes and disseminates information about visual impairment. Our dissemination efforts include publications, library services, and the participation in national and international work groups and events. Our target groups include government agencies and services, places of education, workplaces, rehabilitation workers, health workers and individuals with a visual impairment. We are funded by the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs.


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